Through Scarlotte Tinted Glasses



By Karam Ezzideen

What do you get when a couple of hip, creative individuals who share the same passion for music come together to form as a whole identity? An identity with its own artistic license to rock and roll. The answer is the exciting and talented rock band Scarlotte Will.


(Photo credit: Coco Clarise)

(Scarlotte Will band members from left to right: Tristan Dos Santos, Xan Swart, Hugene Kokemoer, Brendon Bezuidenhout) 

On the 28th of July, 2016, Johnathan Andrews and the Gusto Team had the great privilege of meeting with two out of the four members of the Scarlotte Will Band, Tristan Dos Santos and Brendon Bezuidenhout. The remaining hipsters include Xan Swart and Hugene Koekemoer.

During our discussions with Tristan and Brendon, much has been learnt and gained about the creative process, especially when collaborating as artists in a group. As young, groovy hipsters, it is always a mellow and at ease experience when it comes to writing content, which never repeats itself and remains exciting and fresh when performing to their audiences. Tension and ego trips are at a complete low with Scarlotte Will because their musical like-mindedness taste and very profound perspectives on human nature effortlessly blend to create unique works of art.

What is very fascinating about the storytelling aspects of their music is that there is no conventional meaning when a song is written. Tristan and Brendon specifically mentioned that “it is about being mysterious” and the idea of being frequently abstract, which is a tremendous accomplishment when it comes to telling their listeners each word from start to finish. Thus one can gather it is about the soulful and personal interpretation as well as experience that one can take out of from listening to the song.


(Photo credit: Coco Clarise)

So much is never enough when it comes to writing about Scarlotte Will. It can be said for sure that in the end, great minds think alike and each band member plays a crucial part, almost like the elements which bring earth together as a whole. On a final note, Scarlotte Will is currently performing at the Oppikoppi Festival Northam in Limpopo, where like-minded individuals and musicians come together to further hone their skills as artists. It’s all chilled, man.

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