The Journey of Priddy Ugly



The music culture in South Africa has changed drastically over the last two decades, with different styles of music booming. It is here that many new emerging artists work to develop their skills and techniques, so their voices can be heard. And one artist, Priddy Ugly, is no exception.

The Gusto Project's Johnathan Andrews, including the episode's panel members, were fortunate to have Priddy Ugly on the show for discussion. During our interview with Priddy Ugly, we managed to gain some creative insight from an outstanding, energetic, yet humble visionary.

To summarize in words about the quality of Priddy Ugly’s music would not be convincing as both internal and external factors play crucially in creating high quality music, thus the greater result is to be heard and experienced. Avoiding clichés and stereotypes, Priddy Ugly aims to take hip hop to a whole new level, even as his new mix tape “You Don’t Know Me Yet” has been released recently, featuring inspirational lyrics. Not to mention his song “Thula Mama”, in which Priddy Ugly paints a rather opposite and profound insight to what should be portrayed when it comes to the female figure, on a spiritual and emotional level as a whole.

Not only is Priddy Ugly fresh and exciting to the music scene, but with the noblest of intentions, he offers youth mentorship programmes where he goes to schools and universities to highlight the process of becoming the person the students want to be. He likes to think of himself as a “big brother” to the youths who struggle to realize their dreams and offers realistic guidance to what should be perceived when working to achieve their dreams.

In conclusion, Priddy Ugly inspires us how to channel our inner voice and make ourselves heard in the outside world. As an artist, Priddy Ugly works very hard and diligently to create unique works of the hip hop genre. Talent is one thing, but following up on it is another separate element (with perseverance and discipline). And this is where we can learn from Priddy Ugly as fellow artists. If you want to become a self-aware, creative and unique artist, no matter the medium, it is the content that really counts and how you choose to express it, constantly persevering for that greatness. Priddy Ugly certainly delivers the goods with hard work and constantly seeking to how music can be channeled to the listener without compromising his voice.

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