The Art of Chad


Da Don is In

Today, most artists pursue a career in the entertainment industry with the sole purpose of getting money and fame. Mostly, rappers openly express this belief through their music videos and lyrical content .It’s all about the ‘bling’, the spotlight and whatever else money can possibly buy. Over the years, we have witnessed this as it slowly but surely became a common practice by some of the popular rappers and Hip Hop artists even in South Africa. Should money and fame be the only motivation for choosing a certain career or profession? Are artists today driven by passion and love for their craft or are they only in it for the money?
The gusto project recently got the privilege to interact with one of South Africa’s down to earth and God fearing Rapper and songwriter Chad aka Chad Da Don. At the age of 18 Chad discovered his burning passion for Hip Hop and has since pursued it.

Unlike most artists Chad believes that one should be motivated by the love and passion for their craft as opposed to just focusing on the money. With this positive outlook on life, Chad celebrates one of the highlights of his career. One of those being getting signed to the record label, Family tree records where he released a debut album titled “The book of chad “which he states is a story about himself and the challenges he faces throughout the journey as an artist and how he keeps on going.

During the interview Chad openly expressed his pure love for Hip Hop. He believes he was born to be an artist and therefore cannot envision himself doing anything else since Hip Hop is all he knows. Even without formal education, Chad feels that through his craft, he is able to send a positive message thus impacting the next generation. Chad states that when it comes to his career, money is not the exclusive focus rather, passion and love lead the way and everything else follows. He advises aspiring artists to tread in the same light, to put the love for their craft first before anything else.

Chad is proof that with a deep spiritual understanding of oneself, well-defined motives and passion, challenges can be overcome and fulfillment is certain! With the recent released of a song called Hold on you Ft. Locnvile, it is undisputable that the possibilities are endless for the Rapper and we can definitely look forward to more creative projects.