Superstar of the Mozambique Shores

Super Star of the Mozambique Shores

Hip-Hop music has always been known as an American invention and ‘drill’ however, throughout the years there has been a massive growth in Hip-Hop on a bigger scale in Africa. From the 1980s some of the most active Hip-Hop artists arose from various countries such as: Nigeria, Mozambique, Namibia, Ghana and South Africa to name only a few a few. Today the emergence of more Hip-Hop artists is still making headway in only the strongest manner.

As Hip-Hop continues to evolve and to influence the way we view life, artists have realized the benefits and importance of collaborations. We continue to see many Hip-Hop artists all over the world collaborating hence increasing each other’s fan base and growth in creativity.

One song in particular that has recently climbed the charts and grabbed the ears of Africa is a hit called “Hello”, by Mozambican Hip-Hop artist Laylizzy and features South African Hip-Hop sensation AKA. At the age of 14, Mozambican Hip-Hop artist and rapper Laylizzy discovered his love for Hip-Hop and rap music. Even with the disapproval of his parents, he pursued his music career, with a vision for a better future not only for Mozambique but for Africa as a whole.

In an interview on The Gusto Project with host Simphiwe Petros, Laylizzy talked more about his life journey as an African Hip-Hop artist and also about collaborating with Hip-Hop artist AKA. Even though it might look like Laylizzy might have it all figured out, his life has not always been a success story. He actually recalls sitting down on his living room sofa and watching AKA’s music videos on television. According to Laylizzy, AKA is one of the people who inspired him to continue to make music for Africa. Laylizzy is not your typical Hip-Hop artist or rapper.

While most rappers focus mainly on their craft, hardly pursuing higher education or any education at all, the rapper in fact holds a Master’s degree in Business Law, which serves as a positive example for aspiring young artists. While most Hip-Hop music merely entertains its audience, Laylizzy strongly believes that music should be used as a tool to educate as well.

The rapper’s vision is not only to be a relevant and successful artist but also to one day establish his own record label, which he hopes to leave behind for the next generation. With the ever-growing spirit of collaboration and intellectual hunger of artists in the Hip-Hop industry, Africa’s Hip-Hop heritage sure looks brighter than it ever has before!

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