Scarlotte Will: Rollin’ with the Times

Scarlotte Will and the Spirit of Rock’n’Roll

Hello South Africa, where to begin? It’s come to a point in time that any “trendy yahoo” with a laptop can be considered a musician. The word strikes a chord in me. It’s an endearing talent to be able to pick up an instrument, any instrument, and actually make music. I had grown up around people like my father, who appreciated the dirtiness of it. Every chord played strikes at an open nerve, and suddenly everything else falls silent. The raw, unpolished image and sound of the Rock musician. Conjuring forth your demons, and challenging the way you think and saw and felt. It sounded like it could belong anywhere. On the road, on a stage or in your favourite bar. It’s perfectly imperfect, and that’s just how we like it.

People are quick to use the word musician. The term itself has become as loose as the jerks who don’t dare to experiment with the form. Scarlotte Will began playing, and it seemed all thoughts and notions of these would-be artists stepped into the corner. A quiet intensity waved over the other onlookers as internal musical passion came pouring through each note they played. These boys mean business! In the ever growing popularity of local entertainment, it’s clear Scarlotte Will has found their niche. Oozing in an eclectic sound akin to bands like Arctic Monkeys and Foo Fighters. They show no signs of slowing. Every bit of my life has been influenced by this type of music. People are quick to assume the worst when it comes to rock and heavy metal. Any musician with long hair, an unkempt appearance and various forms of body modification, still to this day are looked down upon by sneering conservative, so called “normal people”. But if they took the time to sit down, and give a listen to what they had to say, then maybe there could be a possible level of understanding. People are as people do, and expression through an art form should be accepted. You might not like the result, but that’s why we have words like “individuality” and “diversity”. May the brave ones keep preaching a message of love, of pain and of perseverance. Keep battling to bring us all together under one bright, shining sun. But most of all, may these people keep on Rockin’!

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