Passion Performs Miracles

Passion Performs Miracles

‘You will never make it…entertainment is very unstable…you will die a pauper…go to school, have something to fall back on…you’re not good enough’. These are some of the challenges every artist faces on deciding to enter the entertainment industry. Making it is not easy. Success is said to be for the lucky few. Some say it is a matter of knowing people who know people, some say you need to make an impression on the right people. There are, of course, those who try but give up along the way and those who put their blood; sweat and tears to ‘pusha passion’ and make it to the top.

Growing up we are encouraged to be creative. We are told that we can be whoever we want to be. But that changes as we grow up where our creativity and passion are suppressed and our lives are suddenly steered towards safe career paths such as Engineering, Accounting, Law and the like. The aim of this article is not to demean these professions but to highlight that these days tertiary institutions make it possible to have an educated passion. And of course, those with an inborn talent cannot be ignored. The entertainment industry in its global capacity consists of both people/individuals who mastered the profession academically and for some it was just a calling. They did not have to align themselves in the academic route.

Most young people from rural areas aim to please parents. They end up hating their jobs because they pursued a career path that went against their passion. ‘Make your job your passion’, is the advice that was pounded into some of us at career exhibitions. Entertainment; music, acting, painting, sculpting, writing and many more faculties in art have suffered misconceptions and criticisms. It is undeniable that in this industry one has to constantly improve and prove themselves that they are good enough; that they will make it against all odds, not just to themselves but to family and friends. This is because most parents and family members (friends included) do not understand the various disciplines that exist in the industry. If people pursued passion there will not be so many unhappy people in work places.

One excels the most at what they love to do because they are internally encouraged to work harder at it. It is said that true purpose in life lies where maximum passion is. It is easy to embrace life and get the most out of it through following one’s unique purpose. Otherwise life is half-hearted and, to a certain extent, boring. There is a belief that when one discovers their God-given talent and develops a passion for it, interesting and amazing things happen. This is how greater levels of success and satisfaction are achieved.

One can either make their education/studies their passion or go to school to study something else while pursuing passion like Laylizzy did. He studied his honours and Masters in Business law while working on his music. Like most artists passion has given him a greater sense of freedom, satisfaction and meaning. He is even able to use what he learned in Business Law to ensure success in his passion. He followed his dream even though he was told that nothing will come out of it. Today he looks back at his journey and edutains the youth with a message that says ‘never give up, keep pushing’. This goes to prove that to achieve massive success one needs a passion that is much more powerful than all fears and all surrounding negativity.

By Kelo Ringani