Laylizzy and the Mozambican Hip-Hop Scene

Pioneer of the True South Rapital

It’s easy saying you want to be a rapper. Wanting to make big money, have a clothing line and be a “Mogul”. It seems to be the basic foundation of the business. But then, boom, in walks Laylizzy, strutting with swagger and a Master’s Degree in Business under his belt. His unique fusion of Portuguese and English lyrics is just one of the defining factors that put him in the spot as one of Africa’s Top 10 rappers.

Even his rising success should be noted, but not everyone starts at the top. Laylizzy has had his fare share of nay-sayers and compensated by studying Business Law in the United Kingdom. He claims to be an educator and an entertainer. Wanting to teach his fans the importance of advanced education. A bold statement considering the recent spiraling events South Africa has had to face with the #FeesMustFall protests.

In light of his rising success and his reputation with South African rapper AKA, Laylizzy only found his niche once he returned to Mozambique after completing his studies. Wanting to reconnect with his roots. He was met with an amazing amount of support from his family, and built up his crew as an extended branch of said family. Not playing the role of the “cocky, spoiled and ignorant gangster” stereotype, he comes across as extremely humble and open minded. A defining trait he accentuated with his tattoo of the “Third Eye”, wanting to broaden his horizons and open his eyes to everything around him.

When considering in retrospect such an artist, it’s easy to make the assumption of them all being extremely vain, until you have the pleasure to speak to someone like Laylizzy and his Representative George. Wherever next Laylizzy is off to, all of us here at the Gusto Project wish him the best, and may his path not be wrought with obstacles, but not be clear of any as well.

By Edward Bennett