Johnathan Andrews Studios Productions

Johnathan Andrews Studios Music Video Production of “You and Me” by DéMonique

Happy to have shot this for DéMonique!

Watch the video below or click on this link

Working with DéMonique is an absolute pleasure and their dedication to their mission made a lasting impression. The video includes some dancing scenes which were choreographed by Michael Wentink (browse to a great feature about Michael on Top Billing). Besides for the singers and choreographer, well done to all the dancers and extras involved with the scenes! There is so much footage from the dance sequences which could not be used in the final edit. I really hope that the opportunity presents itself to show some of the magnificent work here in future, because it will be inspiration for activities under The Hood Studios!

Many other people involved with the music video production contributed to it's success - firstly, forgive me for not mentioning all here and secondly, this short article can not do justice to the efforts that every person invested!.

You can read more about DéMonique and see some of the photos of them captured by Johnathan Andrews on their Facebook page.

I wish DéMonique success!

Watch the music video on YouTube