It’s gettin’ Priddy Ugly in Here

Finding Beauty in a Priddy Ugly World

“I’d much rather follow my passion and be broke than be rich and miserable” – Priddy Ugly

It’s pretty obvious that when it comes to this new age of Hip-Hop within the realms of South Africa, controversy is sure to follow. These wild antics have now been ingrained into our popular culture. There is no exception when it comes to Jo’burg based rapper Priddy Ugly. His ethos clearly rooted with the making of music for the fans. A noble pursuit not practiced nearly as much in recent times. Priddy Ugly also gave insight into releasing his music on both free and pay for play platforms, giving his fan base a more clear choice. We here at the Gusto Project are excited to have spoken to the young Rapper.

The fact of the matter takes a different route when it comes to radio airtime. Known for being extremely vocal towards radio station’s apparent lack of interest in playing his music, yet only being interested in “gossip”, as he put it. Disheartened by how ‘gossip’ overshadows talent within our ever changing internal structure. He took to Twitter, saying: “It’s extremely annoying that I'm getting hit up by publications to get asked who I'm signing to. But you won't write about my project. WTF?”

But Priddy Ugly has remained ceremoniously upbeat about everything happening around him. Even making appearances at schools in order to break the usual perception of the “Gangster Rapper” and attempt to be a more positive role model. All in all, Priddy Ugly seems to be making waves within his community, and his path can only lead upwards.

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