Is it the Chad? Yes, it’s the Chad!

Lights; Lasers; Chad

The crowded room sat in the heat of another warm Gauteng summer, another episode of the Gusto Project is underway. Chad (formerly Chad the Don), has come through to grace us with a few minutes of intriguing conversation. Hosted by Simphiwe Petros, the local Artist lays down the recent goings-on in his life and career.

Chad lays it down for us, speaking about the support he received from his mother during harsher times and his spiritual relationship and life; his brief altercation with artist Cassper Nyovest and the release of his album: The Book of Chad. It conjures thoughts of the so-called “tortured artist” archetype, an endearing and out dated stereotype as Chad seems to have risen to a much higher standing. Having found his niche within the world of rap, Chad seems to be making waves within the market.

A recent video (Hold on You, feat. Locnville), featuring light and laser effects that would put The Who to shame and taking inspiration from the works of European auteurs perfectly encapsulates the feeling one gets from this remarkable restrained vision of audaciousness and neo-avant garde sensibilities. Taking a less travelled route most Rap artists don’t consider when approaching the visually compelling medium and execution. One can feel inclined to research the visual inspirations for this minimalist piece, and come to a clearer understanding as to why they chose to go in this direction.