Hail to the Don

The Don that is Chad

Why do we do we listen to Hip-hop? Or is it rap we are listening to? Very often the terms “rap” and “Hip-hop” are used interchangeably. In fact, rap/MCing is just one of the four elements of the culture known as Hip-hop (the other elements being graffiti, breakdancing and DJing). During Chad’s interview with the Gusto Project, it was clear that a truly gifted poet was in our presence and not just a rapper.

Rapper Chad (formally known as Chad Da Don), is a 23-year-old budding young talent from Pretoria. At 8-years-old he began rapping, as he put it, “for fun”. During his teens, he was an avid football and golf player. His true calling however was to bless the mic with his skills as they say in Hip-hop. Chad expressed (although not intimately) issues he has and has had with his father. His debut album The Book of Chad, afforded him the opportunity to put such emotionally trying times on to paper. Chad is not one to talk extensively about issues that take an emotional toll, he would rather jot them down. His music is the channel of emotion that best serves him and his state of mind. That was evident during this interview. He is currently signed to Locnville’s record label ContraBanned and their latest collaboration “Hold On You”, has definitely grabbed the attention of Hip-hop fans and enthusiasts alike. Donovan Chad Mansoor, strikes one as not only having the potential to progress further in his career on a grander scale but also to serve as a mentor to those who are not certain about their own life’s path.

“Do what’s for you, not because it’s cool”, he said. Though such a message may sound trivial and cliché, it is something one should strive to live and abide by. What is the point to life otherwise?