The Gusto Project


The Gusto Project is a hot new YouTube & Pilot TV Series produced by Johnathan Andrews Studios. The show features guest artists and the passion they have for their work - musicians, actors, cinematographers, painters, photographers, authors, directors, poets and more!

Apart from known artists who will be guests on the show, The Gusto Project also provides an opportunity for up-and-coming artists to be featured. Vibrant & talented people in the Arts community can apply to be featured on the show - powerful exposure! Follow the hashtag #GustoAuditions on social media.


Simphiwe Petros - Gusto Project Presenter

During each show a short background about the episode's featured artist is showcased, after which Simphiwe Petros (the Gusto Project presenter) and at times his Gusto Project Panel has a discussion with the artist. The discussions provide an entertaining diversity of questions, opinions and perspectives. During the discussion, the Gusto Project aims to determine and describe the essence of the featured artist and each show ends or is preceded by with a photographic shoot which Johnathan Andrews (the founder of Gusto Project) conducts with the artist. The aim of the shoot is to "capture the essence" of the artist - photos from the shoot and commentary by Johnathan about his visual interpretation of the artist features prominently in social media exposure surrounding each episode and could also be featured during an episode.

What does “gusto” mean?


1. enjoyment and enthusiasm in doing something.
2. archaicthe style in which a work of art is executed.


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Applications close 10 December 2016.