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Vital Information

Johnathan Andrews has been operating as filmmaker, photographer and entrepreneur for more than a decade – read more about Johnathan Andrews here.

As a division of Johnathan Andrews Studios he created The Hood Studios as a platform for screenwriters, filmmakers, actors, musicians, music producers, film directors and others to make their dreams and passions come true, by providing an opportunity to e.g. produce and make a movie as a project under The Hood Studios.

By submitting a completed movie project to The Hood Studios you stand a chance to be chosen as the next The Hood Studios project to launch, distribute and promote your movie. Other categories present the opportunity to provide a chance to have a song recorded, a music video made, a music track to be released, etc.

Submit your completed movie project to The Hood Studios before one of the submission deadlines.

Your movie will go through a screening process and if your movie passes initial screening and it is shortlisted, you will be called for a meeting to discuss your movie in detail, the prospect of releasing it, etc.

After a meeting with all shortlisted candidates has been concluded, a final selection will be made and the successful movie will be announced.

If your movie is selected as an official The Hood Studios project, the process to release the movie will commence – from planning distribution and creating a marketing strategy; to PR, publicity, media releases, film festival submissions and hosting a film premiere.

We will consider all genres.

Choose to submit a short film or feature length movie.

Every movie is structured differently but generally, the release of a movie is done in collaboration with you and a fair profit share is negotiated and agreed to. You and The Hood Studios will both financially benefit from a successfully completed project.

The Hood Studios will not e.g. buy a movie, buy a screenplay, buy a song, or buy a composition. Our philosophy is to take an idea (and in this case your movie) and ensure that we jointly invest out best efforts to make it as big a success as possible! The Hood Studios could e.g. play a key role in securing marketing funding, managing publicity and even launching a crowdfunding campaign.

We work together on the whole project, step-by-step, from start to finish.

The cost per movie submission is R490.

  1. To submit a movie pitch you need to be 18 years and older.
  2. A movie can be submitted by persons of any nationality from any country. However, bear in mind that if your movie is accepted, the movie will more than likely be released in South Africa and it is not the responsibility of The Hood Studios to arrange the necessary permits for you to stay in South Africa during the course of the project.
  3. When you submit your movie, or if the movie is shortlisted, it does not mean that it will be accepted by The Hood Studios as a project. The movie has to go through a process before it could be eligible to be chosen as a project. In the event that a movie is chosen as a project you will officially be notified and the necessary contract will need to be concluded between you and The Hood Studios to formalize a project.
  4. PRIVACY: The Hood Studios will not distribute or disseminate, publish or advertise your movie in any manner whatsoever, except in the acceptable course of doing screening and shortlisting as contemplated and possible subsequent activities surrounding your movie if it is accepted as an official The Hood Studios project.
  5. Only movies which were completed within 18 months prior to the submission deadline will be eligible.
  6. A movie will not be accepted without payment of the submission fee of R490.


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