A Wild Rockstar Appears


Pop culture and media have always given us a perception with negative connotations of what a rock star‘s life is like. We have seen this representation in movies, magazines and games, and this is mostly used by the media to get attention for them and not necessarily to create exposure for the musicians. Rock music might have a rough sound and at times, emotional lyrics but that does not automatically mean that we must come to a conclusion that all rock stars or bands have wild habits. We are led to believe that rock stars are these wild, rebellious, promiscuous party animals who just like making a racket. It turns out that not all rock stars are living up to this impression. Scarlotte Will sure set the record straight in an interview held at the Jonathan Andrews studios where The Gusto Project host Johnathan Andrews alongside co-host Tabeth Ushindibaba, got to better understand the band and their creative process.

Scarlotte Will is a band made up of four people: Tristan, Brandon, Xan and Hugene. Tristan, who is the lead singer of the band is laid back and reserved whilst Brandon (guitar player) is more of a humble and down to earth person. While people typically expect Rock Stars to spend their days writing random lyrics and smoking weed, Brendan actually has a day job teaching music to children. Even though they might be from different backgrounds, they are able to come together as a team, write content and decide on what will or not work which is one of the core factors of successful team work. What further makes their music more interesting and unique is the fact that they do not have an overall specific message that they are sending to the audience. Rather, the content of their lyrics have mysterious and hidden meaning, and people sure do love mystery.

Believe it or not, Scarlotte Will is not your typical rock band .They have an interesting and unique sound which is also suggested by their band name. They are a band made out of down to earth and well-balanced individuals who share creative ideas and dedicate their time to making their dreams into a reality. After all, rock stars do not really have to be rebellious or wild to be considered cool, they can be more than what we are led to believe. They are also capable of being role models for aspiring artists out there. Scarlotte Will sets that example and yes, they are one of the bands who sends that message pretty clear by the way in which they carry and compose themselves.

They are the best representation of a sensible, rhythmic and mysterious feel to rock n roll. It’s time for wild music, instead of wild antics.