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FaceExpresso Photographer Application

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Apply to be a FaceExpresso Photographer and you could be the featured photographer to do a shoot for the Magazine and be the featured photographer on one of the FaceExpresso Show episodes!

A FaceExpresso shoot challenges you to capture those perfect shots for a make-up artist and/or hair stylist of a look/hair style that has been done. One or more models can be featured.

If you are selected to be the featured photographer for an episode, a 20 minute FaceExpresso Show episode will be filmed with you starring as photographer. You will be interviewed about your work, captured in action and your photography will be featured prominently!

If this application passes the screening phase you have the opportunity to come to the studio to do a trial photo shoot of one or more models.

To apply to be a FaceExpresso Photographer please upload 2 photos of your photographic work relevant to the photography that you will be required to do on FaceExpresso e.g. portraiture, fashion etc. (file size not to exceed 1MB each)

Select your trial photo shoot date. You will have the opportunity to shoot a number of models in studio:

Please note: Whether you are finally selected to be a FaceExpresso Photographer or not, you will be able to use photos from the trial photo shoot in your portfolio PLUS you get a half day studio hire to shoot at the studio in your own time for any purpose.

Johnathan Andrews Studios reserves the right to decline or accept any application without providing reasons for decisions.

By submitting this application you verify that you are 18 years or older. If you are under 18 you declare that you are submitting the application with your guardian's consent.

A booking fee of R490 is payable to do the trial shoot. Note that you need to use your own photographic equipment and lighting for the trial shoot.