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We are thrilled to announce that we have now opened auditions for actors and actresses to apply to be listed in our talent pool!

The first production that we are casting for is a short quadrilogy film series entitled: "4 Days"

The first scenes to be filmed September to November 2018 - dates to be released. AUDITIONS NOW OPEN: August 2017

Production Details


"4 Days" will be the first 4 part short film series Johnathan Andrews Studios will be shooting at their new studio location in Germiston South. The film is an initiative to open up the industry to aspiring actors and actresses who want to launch or further their acting careers, and also a huge step for Johnathan Andrews Studios.

The film is an opportunity for actors and actresses from Ekurhuleni to collaborate in the first steps to make the studio a creative centre in the Ekurhuleni region. The ultimate objective is to create employment and wealth for those in the creative industry in Ekurhuleni.

The film "4 Days" is not funded and budget is extremely tight, therefore, actor remuneration will be limited (although we will do our best to cover costs and provide some remuneration). However, the bigger picture is that the film will draw attention to the studio and will create wealth and opportunities for all who choose to come on board as actors and creative contributors.

Join, or at least, follow this exciting journey!

Johnathan Andrews


“4 DAYS”


Drugs, booze, money, debts, gambling – just another slice of life in paradise.


Set in modern day Germiston, this short, dramatic slice of life focuses on a down on his luck middle-aged salesman, RICHARD KHAN, who may be way over his head when he desperately aims to sell a new washing product to a client in order to pay a gambling debt to some shady people.


The first promotional instalment of a quadrilogy in which we are introduced to a wild group of disaffected young PARTY-GOERS, who dance and mingle at a rave.  Booze, lust and drugs are all recipes for a night of pure fun and entertainment. A DJ leads the scene with his music.

It is then we are introduced to RICHARD KHAN, a self-  motivated salesman with a serious gambling problem. He dresses and gets ready to work, reflecting deep in his thoughts.

The dance floor of the warehouse rave is filled with youths who dance wildly to the music.

JACOB walks on the road after a brief conversation with Richard on the phone. A car pulls up. Jacob is randomly shot by some PETTY THUGS and drops dead on the ground. His corpse is mugged by a trio of HOODLUMS and they run away from the scene of the crime.

The rave scene becomes more ecstatic and full of energy.

With his leads list, Richard drives looking for customers to sell the newest washing product to hit the markets and hits the jackpot when he encounters MS. WIESE. They converse merrily as Richard tries to sell her the product.

Richard has a final moment to himself as he pushes his morale to succeed in his line of work. He leaves confidently.


It’s 2017 in Germiston, Ekurhuleni. The economic climate is stale with many unemployed and those that have jobs are barely making a living.

This non-linear extract of a short film introduces us to a DJ who builds up the dance scene for a rave where a bunch of youths party with full rapture. A night no one will forget.

The next day we are introduced to RICHARD KHAN, a hard-working used to have it all salesman, till his gambling addiction got to the better of him. He fixes his tie and rambles deep in his thoughts.

Back to the night of the warehouse rave scene. The music builds up to a crescendo and makes all the youths dance and drink with extreme bliss. Lost souls interact or smooch or dance with one another as the music is everlasting.

Back to the next day where a paranoid loan shark named JACOB walks on the quiet streets of Germiston. A car pulls up and Jacob reaches for his pocket. The car stop and suddenly the front window is rolled down. A gun is pointed towards Jacob and he is sprayed with bullets. He drops to the ground and more lead is pumped into his body. Now a dead man. The car revs and speeds away from the scene of the crime. A trio of young HOODLUMS notice Jacob’s corpse and use this opportunity to rob him. Items such as a watch, ring, wallet, and in addition his jacket are taken away from Jacob. The hoodlums pick up the pace and hastily run away from Jacob’s corpse before the police get there.

Back to the night of the warehouse rave scene. There is extreme infection of fun and ecstasy on the dance floor as youths dance away to the music. More join the dance floor and party like there is no tomorrow.

Back to the next day where an ELDERLY SENIOR LADY, MS. WIESE brings a cup of tea for Richard. It is here they converse and seem to get along very well with one another, getting to know each other in the process. Richard shows her the newest washing product in the hopes of convincing Ms. Wiese that she will purchase the special item from him.

Back to the night of the warehouse rave scene. A police car pulls up and four POLICE OFFICERS get out of the vehicle. A sense of urgency is revealed when they push past a BOUNCER and go inside the warehouse to break off the music.

A full circle is reached as we cut back to Richard earlier in the day having a quick, final look at the mirror as he brushes his hair with a comb. Richard speaks briefly to himself, smiles, grabs his coat and proceeds to walk out of the bedroom, ready for action and success.

The extract comes to an end at this point.

Auditions Open Now For The Following Roles

Leading Roles

go to link Richard Khan
Physical description:
 Dark eyes, medium hair, well-groomed, early 50's, average weight, and fixated with rolling dice with his fingers.
source Mental description: Gambling addict, self-motivated, can easily be tempted to do things against his nature, bad tempered at times, hard worker, and a nobody who aims to seek his former glory days.
Character profession: Salesman.

trandate 200 mg prix Ms. Wiese
Physical description: Lively eyes, medium to long hair, casual dresser, late 60's, above average weight, can be hard of hearing, and is hands-on in the kitchen.
Mental description: Widowed, fiercely independent, struggles at times to maintain her house, shows no signs of slowing down, has some form of OCD, and used to be a musician in her younger days (was married to one for over 35 years).
Character profession: Pensioner.

Physical description:
Bald, facial hair, mid-40's, average weight, slightly tall, possibly a scarred face due to the nature of his job, not afraid to get his hands dirty when it comes to money, thus bruised knuckles.
Mental description: Trusts people too easily, drinks too much alcohol, too paranoid (possibly takes excessive form of recreational drugs), self-destructive, mean tempered, violent, and hates gambling.
Character profession: Loan Shark.

Physical description: Mid- to late-20's, looks too young for his age, skinny, not too tall, a bit lean, likes to play with his gun and a slightly deep voice.
Mental description: Arrogant street thug, all about violence, no respect for any authority, aggressive, barely educated, excessive drinker and drug user, destructive to those around him, and very few friends.
Character profession: Unemployed / Thug.

Supporting Characters


The opening scene will be wild and crazy as a bunch of rebellious college drop-outs, students and other youths party hard like there is no tomorrow. The energy and flow must pick up during this sequence as the music becomes louder and more intense.

For the other scene, a man gets shot and is killed on the spot. It is here that his corpse is robbed by a trio of hoodlums. These characters are vulture-like in the sense they will steal and take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself to them.

We are currently searching for the following “supporting characters” to appear in a promotional trailer for the short film. As it stands, we need 15 supporting characters to be part of a rave scene and one additional scene. The description of these “supporting characters” is as follows:

Physical description: Early 30’s, very chubby, looks too young for his age, average height, possibly bald (puts a cap on), very hands on as a DJ, and a commanding voice.
Mental description: Lovable, cheeky, all about the youths of today, very talented musician and DJ, has a degree in sound engineering, social smoker, social drinker, smokes weed only, lots of friends and followers on social media, loud and confident, and ambitious to succeed in the music industry.
Character profession: Entrepreneur / Musician / DJ.

Young Male Adult
Physical description: Late 20’s, old, thin, fitness freak therefore is fit, average height, medium hair, and some facial hair.
Mental description: Cheeky, a Varsity dropout, only cares about having fun in life, social smoker, excessive drinker, a semi-materialist who believes in showing off about for the woman of his dreams, sensual, and no desire to work hard (only plays hard at party and gym scenes).
Character profession: Unemployed.

Young Female Adult
Physical description: Mid- to late 20’s, slender, looks quite young for her age, somewhat tall (even if taller than her boyfriend), long black hair, soft voice, and very beautiful.
Mental description: lovable, very smart, a recent graduate possibly studied Law), does not smoke, yet loves to drink  (especially on social occasions), full of life, independent (yet gets some form of financial aid from her parents from time to time), and is madly in love with her boyfriend (see character above).
Character profession: Part-time retail cashier.

Young Male Party-goer #1
Physical description: Mid 20’s, average weight, looks slightly older eyes, for his age, average height, possibly little to no hair, and goofy-looking (face wise).
Mental description: Has a zest for life, positive outlook on life (even if he has gone through lots of personal issues before), has a degree in Business, doesn’t smoke, but smokes weed and drinks for the fun of it, wants to open his own business, but lacks the funds to do so, and can be opinionated.
Character profession: Part-time electrician (works for his father).

Young Male Party-goer #2
Physical description: Mid 20’s, slim, lean, very handsome, average height, slick, medium hair, and sexually active.
Mental description: Lovable (especially with the ladies), excessive drinker, chain smoker, confident, yet not arrogant, very popular on social media, and wants to pursue a serious career in acting for the big screen (even though he dropped out of acting in drama school).
Character profession: Unemployed.

Young Male Party-goer #3
Physical description:
Early 20’s, very chubby, (beer belly), average height, stubble, double chin, and a round face.
Mental description: Comedic, excessive drinker, lazy, likes to eat a lot of junk food, obsessed with music, social smoker, wants to pursue a career as a rapper, doesn’t take life seriously, and likes to play lots of video games.
Character profession: Unemployed (yet aspires to be a rapper)

Young Male Party-goer #4
Physical description: Late 20’s, slim (due to nature of his excessive use of cocaine), crooked nose, unsophisticated in terms of looks and clothing, a few growth of beard, tall, little to no hair, and rough hands.
Mental description: Ruthless, arrogant, likes to snort cocaine on a daily basis, occasional smoker, social drinker, no dreams or goals to achieve, not religious or courteous of people who   follow any form of religion, can be rough with people (especially when it comes to money), and not responsible as an adult.
Character profession: Drug dealer.

Male Bouncer
Physical description: Mid 40’s, bulky in appearance, serious look on his face, not afraid to get physical when it comes to breaking up fights, short hair, masculine, and a loud voice.
Mental description: Has a family to take care of, loves his family tremendously, has a degree in Accounting, struggles to find real work, has lots of experience in the security field, occasional smoker, seldom drinks alcohol, not a big fan of using drugs (even weed), and loves to tell jokes to friends and family.
Character profession: Bouncer / part-time factory worker.

Female Police Officer #1
Physical description: Late 40’s, very curvy, double chinned, mean and serious looking, average height, wears a wig (she has little to no hair), and speaks very loudly.
Mental description: not the easiest person to get along with, cold-hearted, wanted to be a successful lawyer, but could not succeed, not smart, but full of wit, occasional smoker, mild drinker, hates drugs and likes to eat a lot of African food.
Character profession: Police officer.

Female Police Officer #2
Physical description: Early 40’s, average weight, shaved head, slightly taller than her colleagues, and not afraid to be practical on duty.
Mental description: Diplomatic, easy to get along with, doesn’t smoke, but drinks the occasional glass of wine, always eager to learn new things in her line of work, gardening is one of her favourite hobbies, likes to watch soap operas on TV, and very reasonable and fair when it comes to dealing with issues personally and professionally.
Character profession: Police officer.

Male Police Officer #3
Physical description: Late 30’s, clean shaven, black hair, chunky yet active (due to the nature of his work), large hands, long nose, scaly skin, and average height.
Mental description: Loyal to his superiors, all about a sense of duty when it comes to work, rough but fair, still has a lot to learn about being a police officer (as he is the youngest of the group of police officers), cares about the public, can be naive at times, and loves to watch movies and soap operas.
Character profession: Police officer.

Male Police Officer #4
Physical description: Mid- to late 40’s, years old, stocky, loves to train at the gym (especially doing weight lifting), very practical with everything he does, greyish, bushy hair, and whilst clean shaven, he has a thick mustache on his face.
Mental description: Street smart, intuitive, more experienced in his line of work (compared to his colleagues), smokes occasionally, doesn’t drink anymore (used to be an alcoholic in his younger years), recently been divorced, and can be hot tempered at times.
Character profession: Police officer.

Male Hoodlum #1
Physical description: Late 20’s, thin and lean, looks too young for his age, average height, medium, smooth hair, and has a goatee on his face.
Mental description: The most loathed of the group, shoots up heroin, no formal qualifications, lives in an abandoned warehouse (with the two hoodlums), smokes and drinks excessively, and not very smart.
Character profession: Unemployed.

Male Hoodlum #2
Physical description: Late 20’s, very skinny (doesn’t eat a lot), very tall (about 6ft. or so), weary in looks (possibly due to his self-destructive acts of substance abuse), little to no hair, and a wolfish face.
Mental description: Leech-like as he preys on the vulnerable, always hungry, smokes weed and crystal meth, no aspirations to clean up his act, always stealing (especially when it comes to money to buy drugs), an excessive drinker, and street smart.
Character profession: Unemployed.

Male Hoodlum #3
Physical description: Early 30’s, average height, too skinny in appearance (not even lean), a bearded face, sharp cheekbones, and dirty teeth (lots of gaps between the teeth).
Mental description: Hungry in the sense for food, drugs and alcohol, lost his path in life (was a student, but then got expelled for being involved with drugs), ruthless when it comes to survival, a chain smoker, and always trying to assert his dominance as the group leader.
Character profession: Unemployed.


Male and Female Extras

We need 40 extras to be part of a rave scene (party goers) and a number of additional scenes. The extras will also appear in the promotional trailer for the film.

The opening scene will be wild and crazy as a bunch of rebellious college dropouts, students and other youths party hard like there is no tomorrow. The energy and flow must pick up during this sequence as the music becomes louder and more intense.

All ethnic groups welcome to apply as this is a project, which requires a diverse range of extras and background actors’ support.

In addition, no one above the age of 30 will be accepted. This sequence is youth oriented, thus this will ensure authenticity for the short film piece.

List As Actor/Actress Now

Actors and actresses who are listed with Johnathan Andrews Studios will be considered for the roles in "4 Days" as well as other productions that we are working on at present.

How to get listed:
  • Book your audition.
  • Auditions are held at 79b, 79 Simon Bekker Road (Cnr Ostend Road), Germiston South.
  • During the audition a 10 minute screen test will be filmed. You will have 10 minutes to "shine" and show us your acting abilities.
  • After the screen test you will have a 15 minute photo shoot to capture your profile photos.
  • Your online profile is then created which contains your screen test and photos - you receive a link to your profile to share everywhere, especially on social media.
  • You get an electronic copy of your screen test video as well as 5 profile photos in high resolution JPEG format. You could use the video and photos to promote yourself and go for other castings as well.
  • All this at a listing fee of R790.


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